Criminal Defense Representation You Need

When you need a Houston criminal defense attorney, do you want someone new in the field or someone with extensive experience? When your liberty is on the line, experience is critical. For nearly 40 years, Attorney Dennis Powell has been offering criminal defense services in Houston, providing clients with clear guidance as they navigate the criminal courts. If you have been accused of a crime, the Law Offices of Dennis Powell is here to build your defense.

Solid Criminal Defense in Houston

The majority of the cases Dennis Powell works with are criminal defense cases. He is highly rated for his skill and ability as a criminal defense attorney, and is ready to bring that skill to work for you. From helping you understand your rights to working to build a solid defense strategy, he will provide personal and confidential attention throughout the process ahead. Don’t go to the criminal process without the right guidance. Talk to Dennis Powell, your Houston criminal defense attorney, to learn more about your options today.

DWI Defense for Houston Drivers

Drivers who are accused with DWI often make the mistake of doing nothing about their charges. They assume that they have few options to defend themselves, and take the penalties without a fight. This can be a serious mistake that Attorney Dennis Powell wants to help Houston drivers avoid. A DWI, even though it seems minor, can lead to long-term consequences and the loss of your license. You have a limited amount of time to file the necessary paperwork to start your defense, so act quickly. If you have been charged with DWI, schedule an appointment with the Law Offices of Dennis Powell to learn about your options.

Personal Attention from a Criminal Defense Attorney in Houston

When it comes to building a defense against DWI or criminal accusations, the right representation is critical. Attorney Dennis Powell has experience and the right tenacity to help you fight your accusations. The Law Offices of Dennis Powell works with clients in Houston as well as Richmond, Anahuac, Angleton, Dallas, Fort Worth and Austin. He is ready to be your tenacious advocate as you enter the criminal defense process. Give him a call today to schedule a free consultation, and take the next steps to building your defense with an experienced defenses attorney on your side.