DWI Defense Attorney in Houston

Facing DWI accusations brings a long list of concerns. Not only do you have to fear the costs associated with your arrest and subsequent charges, but you also have to face the risk of losing your license. If you are convicted, you will have a criminal record that can haunt you, making future employment and even housing applications difficult.

Because of these stiff penalties, you need to partner with a Houston DWI attorney to ensure you are doing all you can to protect your rights and liberty. In Houston and the surrounding communities, if you are looking for an experienced and personable DWI attorney, you want to partner with the Law Offices of Dennis Powell.

Facing Houston DWI Charges? Act Quickly to Protect Yourself

When you are arrested for alleged DWI, time is critical. You do have the right to fight the charges, and most of the time clients find great success when they do. Often the arresting officers make mistakes in testing administration or the handling of evidence that means your arrest is invalid, but time is critical. In the state of Texas, you have just 15 days from your arrest date to take action to save your driver’s license. The sooner you act, the better you will be able to protect yourself. This is why finding a lawyer right away is critical.

The Law Offices of Dennis Powell offers the services of a seasoned attorney who offers confidential DWI defines in Harris, Dallas, Galveston, Chambers, Travis, Tarrant and Brazoria counties. For almost 40 years, Attorney Dennis Powell has helped drivers just like you take the necessary steps to protect their licenses and rights, and he is ready to deliver that service to you as well.

Professional and Personal Attention from a Seasoned DWI Attorney in Houston

When you choose the Law Offices of Dennis Powell for your DWI defense, you benefit from working with a seasoned attorney who not only understands the legalities of DWI defense, but also takes a personal approach to DWI defense. With high ratings and affordable service, Attorney Dennis Powell is the logical choice for those in Houston who need a DWI defense attorney.

You can protect your rights and your future. Call Attorney Dennis Powell of the Law Offices of Dennis Powell to discuss your needs and your case with a seasoned Houston DWI attorney. Schedule your free consultation today.