Houston Criminal Defense Attorney

Being charged with criminal action puts you at serious risk, not only in the immediate but also in the future. Having a criminal record has long-term consequences that you must understand and weigh. That is why working with an experienced Houston criminal defense attorney is always a good idea.

The Law Offices of Dennis Powell has been offering criminal defense services in Houston from a seasoned attorney for nearly four decades. When you need aggressive representation and a personal approach to criminal defense, you will find it in Houston attorney Dennis Powell. If you have been arrested or suspect criminal charges are coming, contact the firm right away to start building your defense.

Comprehensive Criminal Defense Services in Houston

With a long history of successful cases, Attorney Dennis Powell is ready to assist you in a wide range of criminal case types. You can trust him to build a solid defense for you, so you can achieve the most positive outcome possible. Contact the Law Offices of Dennis Powell today if you are facing charges for:

  • Aggravated robbery
  • Cyber crimes
  • Assault
  • Sexual assault
  • Drug offenses
  • Theft
  • Weapons charges

In each of these case types, Attorney Dennis Powell has the knowledge and experience to build a successful defense, helping you protect your rights and your future. From full dismissal of charges to reduction in charges and penalties, he will defend you aggressively to ensure your rights, and your future, are protected.

Partner with a Criminal Defense Attorney in Houston Who Has Your Back

Attorney Dennis Powell offers aggressive representation to those who have been accused of driving under the influence. He will work tirelessly to dig into the evidence and determine the best defense strategy. He will also take the time to talk with you directly, so you understand your options and the potential consequences of the accusations you face. He will fight for you and with you to achieve the best possible conclusion to your case, with the ultimate goal of having your charges reduced or dismissed if at all possible.

You need the right guidance when you enter the Houston criminal courts. That guidance comes from criminal defense attorney Dennis Powell. Schedule your free consultation today, and partner with a highly rated criminal defense attorney in Houston who will fight tirelessly for you.